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High Tide

Karl Fisher and Colin Wilbourn on Roker BeachHigh Tide is the final sculpture of the St. Peter's Riverside Sculpture Project, installed in 2001 on Roker Beach, where the River Wear comes down to the sea. It consists of a set of lunar pieces, seven phases of the moon caught in concrete bowls with Chaz'z words around the rims:

An eyelash, a curl of stolen light Concrete poetry on Roker Beach around a tear's rim
If wishes were fishes, If wishes were fishes... she'd cast nets in the sea
Still baleful, still hungry, ...still drawing water from the world's well still drawing water from the world's well
Full and fat, she can barely float: The moon is full and fat she leaks in streaks of silver
Adrift, almost bodiless, ...she aches to be reborn again... she aches to be newborn again - and will be
Losing weight, losing influence, ...she sees deep waters she sees deep waters ebb away
Hooked as she must be, the face on the conquered moon... she hangs above oceans and cannot drink

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All photos © Roger Cornwell.