The Murder at the Red House page of this site offers short sound clips of Chaz Brenchley reading the piece he wrote for broadcast on Wear FM, alongside pictures of the associated Red House sculpture.

The page is available in two versions, allowing a choice of sound format.

The RealAudio version of the page downloads faster, because the sound clips remain at the server until you click on each one. For this reason, if you do not wish to hear the sound clips, you should choose this version of the page.

It is also our subjective impression that the sound quality of this format is better.

The MP3 version of the page downloads more slowly, because the whole page (text, images and sound clips) download before the page is displayed. But it then plays more smoothly than the RealAudio version, since there is no wait for individual clips to download from the server.

A player for one or other (or both) of these formats may already be installed on your computer. If this is not the case, free players may be downloaded from various sites on the internet (though the time on-line required for the download may be substantial). Cover disks on computer magazines often include players in the software they offer.

You can download a free RealAudio player from Real Networks - follow the links from their homepage for a free player: but note that the most recent players require an up-to-date operating system to run successfully. The BBC's Webwise guide gives step by step instructions, which are very helpful.

You can download an MP3 player from Microsoft's Download Center.

If you have both RealAudio and MP3 players, you may find that MP3 clips will not play while the RealAudio player is open: if the controls on the MP3 player are greyed out, try closing the RealAudio player and refreshing the page if necessary.