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Cooking with Chaz

Chaz is a notorious foodie, and critics often comment on the descriptions of food in his novels. He's also a great cook, and he didn't take much persuading to part with a few recipes...

...and pak choi to accompany Chinese pork Chopping spring onions and plenty of garlic...

On this site


Stranger in a Strange Kitchen
Chaz blogs at Book View Café about being an English cook in California: differences include measurements, marmalade, meat and pi(e).
Absent Friends:
a hyperfiction with recipes
Food in the Books of Outremer:
The Kitchens of the Roq
Feasting with Shadows

But first, relax with a cocktail...

... the cocktail we invented for my first launch-party, called of course, The Samaritan, which is just the best bloody cocktail you will ever have tasted...

The Samaritan

Take a wineglass, and add the following ingredients, all at room temperature:

Top up to the brim with dry Martini, stir and serve.

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Photos by © Roger Cornwell