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Bitter Waters

Bitter Waters

Published by Lethe Press in November 2014, a new collection of short stories by Chaz Brenchley with the title Bitter Waters.

starA starred review in Publishers Weekly says: "Brenchley charts the treacheries of the sea and the human heart in this haunting collection ... Deceptively light, allusive titles (Junk Male, 'Tis Pity He's Ashore, Villainelle) give away little of their stories' knotty emotional depth. The discursive, sharply detailed style permits a remarkable control of tone ... This clever and subtle collection, Brenchley's first since 1996's Blood Waters, visits 17 unforgettable ports of call."

With an introduction by Geoff Ryman.

Bitter Waters is available in paperback from and from Amazon UK.

Winner of a Lambda Literary Award, in the LGBT SF/F/Horror category; included in the Kirkus list of Best Indie Books 2015.

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